The Gallery

Screenshot of the gallery website

This project was built from the ground up working closely with the client to create a clean design that shows off what the gallery has to offer. This project acts as a good example of our project methodology. The steps involved were as follows:

  1. Initial meeting to discuss design ideas, inspiration, look and feel and requirements gathering for the project.
  2. Creation of wireframes showing the user interaction between pages and general positioning of elements on the pages.
  3. Design concepts created from the wireframes
  4. Build of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

This site is also fully responsive, meaning that it resizes and adjusts it's layout based on the screen size of the device you're using. See the screenshots for examples...

wireframe of homepage
wireframe of inner page layout
initial homepage design concept
screenshot of the gallery homepage
responsive design layout
Screenshot of inner page
Services / Technologies: 
Web Design
Web Development
Logo Design

Web Standards

We fully support web standards and build every site with this in mind. While you might not notice a difference, Google does. Not to mention people using screen readers or other assistive technologies.

You can find out more about web standards by visiting the W3C